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CroydonHCO Library Outreach 2022/23

Metro Safer: Croydon Hate Crime Service

Support to report and address anti-LGBTQ+ hate crime in Croydon

Mark Healey

Croydon Hate Crime Officer

mobile 0753 471 9517

Mark Healey with the Hate Crime Stall touring Croydon’s Libraries

Mark Healey, Croydon’s Hate Crime Officer is employed three days a week (Wednesday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm) to run Metro Charity‘s Metro Safer: Croydon Hate Crime Service.

The service, funded by Croydon Council, aims to provide advice and support to those who are affected by anti-LGBT+ hate crime in Croydon.

To promote the service Mark will be touring Croydon’s 13 libraries, visiting each library four times a year, once each quarter.

There will also be a social media campaign, using Facebook and Twitter to promote the visits.

“I know some people find it difficult to talk about hate crime – so I’m happy to talk about anything that people want to talk about, it’s important to listen to people, to help them share their experiences, in their own words, when they are ready.”


Mark will set up the Hate Crime Stall and be available at each library for two hours on the dates and times (morning visits 11 am to 1 pm and afternoon visits 2 pm to 4 pm) as outlined below.

“I will be inviting local councillors, local police officers, key partners from other anti-hate crime organisations to pop down and say hello. It would be lovely to meet as many local people as possible.”


There will be leaflets and posters on display – promoting the range of anti-hate crime organisations that provide support to all communities affected by hate crime – alternative subcultures, disability, faith, gender identity, race (including Roma, Gypsy, Traveller communities), and sexual orientation.

“Whilst the focus of my work is addressing anti-LGBT+ hate crime, I am keen to signpost people to the organisations and services that cover all the hate crime strands. “


Mark will also be delivering the ‘Hate Crime‘ and ‘LGBT+ CommunityReference and Resource Folders which will be a local resource for library staff and users.

Spring – Networking

“Networking is about getting out and getting to know everyone.”

 April 2022 onwards11:00 to 13:0014:00 to 16:00
 Thursday – 21/04/2022Coulsdon LibraryPurley Library
 Monday – 25/04/2022New Addington LibrarySelsdon Library
 Tuesday – 26/04/2022Norbury LibraryCroydon Central Library
Friday – 20/05/2022Sanderstead LibraryBradmore Green Library
 Monday – 23/05/2022Ashburton Library
 Friday – 27/05/2022Shirley LibrarySouth Norwood Library
 Monday – 16/05/2022Broad Green LibraryThornton Heath Library
NB: Due to a Covid infection (3rd-12th May) dates in BOLD have been rescheduled.

Summer – Representation

” Representation is about ensuring our communities are represented across the board, and that those representing our communities feed back about the decussions they are involved in on our behalf.

It is also about participating in Pride and ensuring all aspects of our community are celebrated.”

 July 2022 onwards11:00 to 13:0014:00 to 16:00
 Thursday 21/07/2022Purley LibraryCoulsdon Library
 Monday – 25/07/2022Thornton Heath LibraryBroad Green Library
 Monday – 01/08/2022Selsdon LibraryNew Addington Library
Tuesday – 02/08/2022Croydon Central LibraryNorbury Library
 Friday – 26/08/2022Bradmore Green LibrarySanderstead Library
 Monday – 15/08/2022Ashburton Library
 Friday – 19/08/2022South Norwood LibraryShirley Library
Information in BOLD have been rescheduled due to unforseen circumstances when these events were originally booked.

Autumn – Community Safety

“Community Saftey is about addressing the things that are a threat to our community – like hate crime”

 October 2022 onwards11:00 to 13:0014:00 to 16:00
 Monday – 17/10/2022Broad Green LibraryThornton Heath Library
 Thursday – 20/10/2022Coulsdon LibraryPurley Library
 Monday – 24/10/2022New Addington LibrarySelsdon Library
 Tuesday – 25/10/2022Norbury LibraryCroydon Central Library
 Friday – 25/11/2022Sanderstead LibraryBradmore Green Library
 Monday – 07/11/2022Ashburton Library
Friday – 11/11/2022Shirley LibrarySouth Norwood Library
NB: dates highlighted in BOLD have been changed since first publication of this article.

Winter – Health and Wellbeing

“During the toughest part of the year it is important that we signpost the range of health and wellbeing services available.”

 January 2023 onwards11:00 to 13:0014:00 to 16:00
 Monday – 23/01/2023Ashburton LibraryCoulsdon Library
 Monday – 30/01/2023Selsdon LibraryNew Addington Library
 Tuesday – 31/01/2023Croydon Central LibraryNorbury Library
Monday – 06/02/2023Thornton Heath LibraryBroad Green Library
 Friday – 10/02/2023Bradmore Green LibrarySanderstead Library
 Thursday – 16/02/2023Purley Library
  Friday – 17/02/2023South Norwood LibraryShirley Library
Dates have changed for libraries highlighted in bold

Croydon Libraries

Ashburton Library

Shirley Road, CR9 7AL
Tel: 020 7884 5175,

Bradmore Green Library

Bradmore Way, CR5 1PE
Tel: 020 7884 5220,

Broad Green Library

89 Canterbury Road, CR0 3HH
Tel: 020 7884 5210,

Coulsdon Library

Brighton Road, CR5 2NH
Tel: 020 7884 5180,

Croydon Central Library

Katharine Street, Croydon CR9 1ET
Tel: 020 7884 5140,

Croydon Central Library has a large LGBT+ book section with a wide range of books.

There is also a monthly LGBT+ Reading Group organised by Croydon Area Gay Society called the Rainbow Reading Group.

New Addington Library

61 Central Parade, CR0 0JD
Tel: 020 7884 5205,

Norbury Library

Beatrice Avenue , London SW16 4UW
Tel: 020 7884 5215,

Purley Library

Banstead Road, CR8 3YH
Tel: 020 7884 5160,

Sanderstead Library

Farm Fields, Sanderstead CR2 0HL
Tel: 020 7884 5165,

Selsdon Library

Addington Road, CR2 8LA
020 7884 5190,

Shirley Library

Wickham Road / Hartland Way, CR0 8BH
Tel: 020 7884 5170,

South Norwood Library

Lawrence Road, SE25 5AA
Tel: 020 7884 5195,

Thornton Heath Library

Brigstock Road, CR7 7JB
Tel: 020 7884 5185,

Further information

London Hate Crime Sector

In an emergency contact the police by calling 999 – if it is not an emergency use the 101 number or report online via the national police True Vision website.

  • Hate Crime Definitions
  • Hate Crime Reporting
  • Hate Crime Statistics
  • Hate Crime Forums
  • Hate Crime Services
  • London Council Services
  • London Police Services
  • Hate Crime Resources
  • Hate Crime Training
  • Hate Crime Misc

Reference and Resource Folders

We will be providing Croydon’s 13 libraries with ‘Hate Crime‘ and ‘LGBT+ CommunityReference and Resource folders – which will include information and resources for library staff and users.

Published by Mark172430

Founder 17-24-30 NationalHCAW (1184819). Project lead Rainbow Boroughs Project. Passionate about tackling hate crime and LGBT+ community development.

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