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Hate Crime Stall

Hate Crime Stall

We want to raise funds so we can create 13 Hate Crime Stalls, one for the City of London and one for each of the twelve Metropolitan Police Basic Command Unit areas covering the 32 London Boroughs.

Portable Display Stand

Hate Crime Display

A hate crime display that

Promotes H.O.P.E.

  • Hate crime awareness
  • Operational responses to hate crime
  • Preventing hate crime
  • Engaging communities affected by hate crime.


  • Hate incidents
  • Hate offences
  • Sanction Detections

Hate Crime Statistics

  • England and Wales Crime Survey figures
  • Reported Hate Crime figures

Promotes the range of available Advice and Support Services.

  • Police Services
  • Council Services
  • Third Party (Voluntary Sector) Services


A rucksack to carry the hate crime information materials and giveaways.

Hate Crime Information Materials

Hate crime information materials that cover the five recognised hate crime strands (disability, gender identity, faith, race and sexual orientation).

Posters and leaflets that promote anti-hate crime advice and support services.

Hate Crime Giveaways

Giveaways including badges and wristbands that help us raise hate crime awarenesss.

Volunteer Scheme

We plan to develop a training program to train volunteers how to deliver the hate crime stall outreach sessions.

Ongoing support

Once the Hate Crime Stall packs are created and distributed we will monitor their use, liaising with key partners across the hate crime sector to maintain this resource.