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Library Outreach

Library Outreach – We want to create a great working relationship with libraries across London so that we can provide library staff and users with information about Hate Crime and the LGBT+ Community.

Croydon Council have funded Metro Charity to deliver the Metro Safer: Croydon Hate Crime Service to tackling anti-LGBT+ hate crime in the brough. As part of this project Mark Healey, the Croydon Hate Crime Officer CroydonHCO employed by Metro Charity will be touring Croydon’s 13 libraries with the Hate Crime Stall.

Google Map – listing and mapping London’s libraries.

Map Markers: White = Pending Review, Yellow = Reviewed, Purple = LGBT+ Section.

Volunteers Scheme – ideally we would like a volunteer for every library across London.

Volunteers will liaise with library staff, deliver hate crime stall activities, and regularly check and update our reference and resource folders.

Hate Crime Stall – we want to facilitate regular hate crime awareness stall activities.

Providing the physical resources and volunteers to run the stalls.

Hate Crime Reference Folder and Resources – providing information about hate crime, and the advice and support services available.

LGBT+ Reference Folder and Resources – providing information about the LGBT+ Community, the LGBT+ Scene and services available.

We need to raise funds and recruit volunteers to deliver this project – interested in supporting this project? Do get in touch!